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I’ve been designing and making precious jewellery in Sheffield for over 25 years. Graduating in 1991 from Sheffield’s silversmithing degree.

Initially designing for trade, working with high street fashion labels French Connection, Phase Eight and Oasis, winning trade awards ‘Gift of the Year’ from the Giftware Association and Johnson and Matthey ‘10 of the best’ Platinum Award.

An Arts Council funded research trip to New York sparked an interest in vintage cut diamonds which led me into a more spontaneous approach to designing at my bench as a direct response to the materials around me.

Most pieces are one-offs, based around unique stones. I’m drawn to hand cut, natural diamonds, the flaws and inclusions tell their own stories.

A recent Arts Council development grant has enabled me to invest in the development of fine, cast iron jewellery….on going!

On a larger scale, I have also designed several public art pieces, free standing, gates and railings.

Current projects include a collaboration in jewellery design with the iconic fashion designer Rita Britton and her own clothes label Nomad.

My studio in Persistence Works, Sheffield, is a hub of creative and productive people, a real community. It’s always lovely to welcome visitors to discuss special pieces and commissions.

Commissions require a 50% non-refundable deposit, this gives a commitment to the process and my time involved in creating a really special ,one-off piece.

Photo by Nigel Barker for Our Favourite Places
“Stories are important to my work, I want to capture in each piece a sense of another life, maybe grander, maybe a completely different purpose, but always a past”Jennie Gill, 2014